At Cafe Escondido we like our coffee! Come in and try one of our milky lattes, or for those that are craving the caffeine, an espresso, straight up shot of coffee is sure to give you the energy for the afternoon dive.  We aren’t trying to claim to have the best of anything we just want to make sure that the coffee we are serving is made using a quality product.  Our coffee beans, Eco Coffee, are organically grown in Copan, Honduras (An amazing town, be sure to hit us up for tips if you plan on visiting there whilst in Honduras).

For those that are running a little late for the morning dive you can get your coffee to go, or if milk isn’t your thing try it with Soy!  We highly recommend for your afternoon fix, an Iced Coffee with one of our tasty ice-cream sandwiches.  Even better, if your done with your diving or want to kick start your day with a smile, try a Cappuccino with a shot of Bailey’s… coffee will never look the same again.

We are willing to serve the coffee in any which way you want it!  We love our coffee and are happy to take on new and interesting ways to spread the coffee love around Roatan!  We know we’ll be seeing you at Cafe Escondido for your coffee fix!



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